Somewhere (1998)
Active Wear (00)
Arcelor Dunkerque (02)

Marc Thiercelin

Joe Seeton


Marc Thiercelin went really around the world 2nd in Vendee Globe 96-97 on Credit Immobilier de France.
After this beautiful performance on a boat already drawn by the Group Finot, he confided us the study of his new 60’.

*formerly Cacolac of Aquitaine with Yves Parlier and more formerly Groups Sceta with Christophe Auguin, this boat went already three times round the world and 4 transatlantic races.



Year 1998
Length. 18.28 M
Width. 5.60 M
Draft 4.5 M
Displ. 8.5 T
Mast Mast 26 m, wing
Sai. Area tacking 280 m ²
Main sail 170 m ²
Genoa 117m ²
Spinnaker Between 300 and 350 m ²
Material Carbon / Nomex 120 ¨
Shipyard JMV industries

Hull and construction are the same as Group 4 and Gartmore.

The hull is realized in preimpregnated carbon. It is monolithique in front there to resist to the shocks. A sandwich of Nomex carbon is used for the stern, in the topsides and the deck.
We obtain so a good solidity and a good stability.




PhotoGuillaume Verdier
Thin at the flotting waterline, curving in the topsides and globally more narrow than the precedents boats, this hull gives a powerful boat in the breeze and working well tacking thanks to its sharpness.

The bow volume limits the charging and the heeling balance facilitates the control, in particular under automatic pilot.

A swivel Wing-mast similar to that of Aquitaine Innovations, stiffened by two great spreaders of 6,48 m centred at the foot of the mast.

After discussion, especially by looking its experience around the world and the Goldrace (New york - San Francisco), where the skippers’ ran in crew, Marc Thiercelin wished to have a boat with :

  • A fixed keel and a draft of 4.5 m
  • Laterale and centrale Water ballasts to complete the stability.



The distribution of the sails is specific to the way to navigate of Marc.

For that reason we have changed :

  • The disposal of the deck
  • A part of the inside
  • The cockpit

Sail and Deck plans

The cockpit is more compact with an central pod at stern to carry a great part of the winches.


Somewhere arrive at the Cape Town Somewhere arrive to punta
Photo Jacques Vapillon Photo Billy Black


- Around Alone 98/99: Somewhere is 2nd in Class I
- Transat Jacques Vabre 99
- 4th in the Vendée-Globe 2000/2001.
- 3 rd Route du Rhum 2002 steered by Joe Seeton ( Arcelor Dunkerque)

Marc Thiercelin decides to change his roof and to put an mobile keel in the perspective of racing the Vendée Globe 2000.
The boat is more voluminous, and keeps its good visibility.


Return 60' Open                 


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