7.50 Open from JPS Productions

The new 7.5m raceboat design by the Groupe Finot

An Open 60' design for a smaller budget! If you want to be first on the finish line, you'd better be on a groupe Finot design.


The materials, the construction methods for top boat design have greatly improved in the past couple of years.
The use of Carbon composites in the hull, the queel wing results in an evolution of the shape of the hulls, the keels and rudders.

The 7.50 Open is a high performance one-design boat. It is currently the faster monohull for its size. The Groupe Finot applied all its experience from the very successfull Open 50' and 60' to develop this great raceboat.

Boat characteristics

Length 7.50 m
Width 2.99 m
Draft 0.60-2.50m
Sail area, upwind 46 m²
Asymmetric spinnaker 45 m²
weight 750 kg
Bulb weight 300 kg
  • Monolithic carbone
  • Watertight Carbon wing mast
  • Twin rudders
  • unsinkable
  • Bout-dehors orientable
  • 300 Kg bulb at 2.5 m depth
  • No water ballast,
  • The bow-sprit can be rotated
  • Four crew members
The experience from the winning Open 50' et 60' :
  • Laminate hull and deck with partial use of carbon composites
  • Hull shape with new distribution of the weight and volume to improve stability and reduce drag
  • Liftable Carbon keel for transportation purpose
  • New bulb shape
  • large cockpit for maniability and for optimization of crew position according to the wind direction
  • Asymmetric spinnaker

The boat's handling

bateau sous voile The boat is wide to optimizes the use of the crew weight. The water line is relatively narrow. The good stability of the boat allows the use of large sail area whatever wind conditions. There is a small cabin on the front for the equipment and for protection in the harbor.

The tranportation can be done using a regular road carrier by tilting the boat and retracting the keel.

passage de la bouée

Some photos of the boats : Atchoum and Simplet,


It is a great boat for sportive sailors who are looking for sensations. The Groupe Finot achieved to transfer all its experience from the successful Open 50' and 60' to this great 7.50m Open.


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