Figaro Solo

Conceived by the Group Finot and Jean Berret
Built by Bénéteau


From 1990, the Solitary race of the Figaro is raced on a sailboat monotype drawn by the Group Finot and Jean Berret, and  built by the shipyard Bénéteau.

Deux Figaro sous spi(152 Ko)

Photo extracted from the  Bénéteau presentation 


By the initiative of the newspaper "Le Figaro" and of the "Figaro race", it was decided that this legendary race is done on monotype.
A competition took place to determine the most adapted prototype in 1990. In the analysis of the various projects, the project of the Group  Finot associated with Bénéteau was retained.
To improve the project, we  associated then  Jean. Berret to make the definitive boat.

A first series of boat had an important sail plan with runners : the First Class Figaro Solo .
In the second time, the height of the mast was shortened, the GV shortened too  and the  runners cut out , the boat became easier to use. The boat became the First Class Challenge and the Figaro Bénéteau.

At first the boat was conceived to navigate solo, but a compromise was found to be able to make races with crew, specially for the races inshore.

Signature JMF (5Ko)

Jean Marie Finot



Group Finot
Jean Berret

Length . 9.14 m
Length (flotting waterline) 8.40 m
Max beam 3.25 m
Draft 1.80 m
Displacement 2400 kg
Ballast 900 kg.
Sleepings 6 persons
Sailing area

Main sail

25 m ²
Genoa maxi 30.50 m ²
Spinnaker . 73 m ²

Dessin de pont et d'intérieur (60 Ko)

The hull :

The hull was conceived to go fast:
- light wet area
- Very long flotting waterline

This boat is foreseen to navigate:
- with a  crew
- solo with the water ballast full winboard

Figaro au planing (23Ko)
So, this hull has:
-A very good tolerance on the weight with a good shape stability    not to handle often.
-A good heeling balance  to be able to work with an autopilot easily.

All these characteristics are those for a fast cruising boat, then this hull was conceived to equip first 310. It equips the Océanis 300, the Océanis 311 and first 31.7 now.

The keel possesses a bulb, the rudder has a rudder stock in laminate.

Sail plan:

Plan de voilure : icone (7 Ko)

The first sail plan
                                      - spreaders in the axis
                                      - runners

The second sail plan:

- no runners
-The mast is a little shorter
-The genoa arriving practically as a consequence at the top

Everything was conceived to handle easily  solo in the cockpit.
We invented a style of toe rail set back from the deck line so as the crew can sit winboard without cutting the thighs .
This principle was used on another boats that we drew and other rival boats.


Best Boatspeeds (pdf)



Vue de l'intérieur du Figaro (48 Ko)

The boat is as simple as possible for the life in sea and for an easy maintenance.
The construction of the hull is very sober, in monolithique polyester glass with nervures in laminate.
This sobriety accompanied with a great resistance, gives to the boat a longevity that we see now.


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