For numerous years the boats have been enriched with many important elements as well as others secondary and their prices increased as a consequence. With the First 211, in the continuance of the First 210 we return to the heart of the matter, it's to say to go to sea in a

- reliable, safe,
- practical,
- and easy

211apied.gif (78566 octets)

211bisafr. jpg (22583 octets) So:
  • a fast, solid hull,
  • an adapted rigging,
  • an effective deck layout,
  • an ergonomic cockpit,
  • Accomodations to live,
    make of the first 211 spirit a real boat.

    211voilure. gif (42480 octets)
    Architect Groupe Finot
    Overall length 6.40 M
    Hull length 6.20 M
    Length W.L. 6.00 M
    Max beam 2.48 M
    Draft 0.70/1.80
    Displacement About 1100 kg
    The weight of ballast 350 kg env.
    Sail area 25.20 M ˛
    Spinnaker 37.60 M ˛
    Berths 4
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    Progress of the boat

  • The boat has an optimized Length W.L.  ; it is hull shape stable and an important ballast for its category provides it a center of gravity the most low possible.
  • The stability and the Length W.L. get a good   tacking (particularly in the breeze).
  • The great Length W.L. provides a good reaching.
  • The sails dimensions  allow a good progress by light weather.
  • The weak distortion of the bottom heeling and the two rudders give a good stability under sails so as a good control of the boat.
  • 211raseaupe.jpg (119857 octets)


    To steer well sat, the First 211 has benches and gangways.
    All the operations (the sheet of foresail, halyard of mainsail, the grip of reef) can be done easily from the cockpit.
    The foresail with roller furler is reduced quickly.
    The shrouds return on the deck line that allows to have a mast and shrouds lighter and more solid.
    A jib without overlapping contributes to express tackings without fatigue; it is only necessary to adjust exactly the outhall of this one.
    The crew sits either on the benches, or on the gangways to sit out in a comfortable way.


    • 4 berths (2 central at stern + 1 double at bow)
      organized around a small kitchen on each side of the centreboard case.
    • A small table places itself between the two berths. People can sit convivial between 4 and 6 persons to drink or to eat.
    • Well sitting without hitting the head.
    • The sliding hatch gets up so as to stand up, during mooring.
    • Standion was replaced by a great central deck beam in order to arrange a great space.

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    fst210graph.gif (26582 octets)


    Under the backing plate, at stern as well as at bow, a volume of  foam rubber guarantees the unsinkability.
    Even full of water the boat by its stability holds itself straight ahead.
    The important ballast gives this good stability, so slept on the water, it can carry a mass of 35 kg in the top of the hounds.
    The raisable keel (by manual jack) allows the easy transport of the boat as well as to come near the beaches.
    The deep keel in low position gives a good stability and a good tacking progress. With raised keel the draft is 70 cms.



    • The hull is in polyester strengthened of fiberglass. It is structured by a general backing plate which creates longitudinales and transverse ribs.

    • The deck is in sandwich (moulded on both sides).

    211voiture. jpg (38317 octets)
    The First 211 is easily towable


    Rangecock211. jpg (on 6469 octets) Moistening. jpg (on 9643 octets) Panel. jpg (on 7499 octets)
    Bisafran211. jpg (on 8499 octets) Essence211. jpg (on 7121 octets)


    The First 211 has surprising equipments for a sailboat of this size: great cockpit with lateral lockers, anchor's locker, wide gangways...


    Faithful to the spirit of the groupe Finot, the First 211 allows to go to sea in a sure way, practise, easy and to get a maximum of pleasure.


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