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Over these last few years, many improvements has been achieved on the sailing boats in different fields : solidity, performance, spaciousness, comfort,to the point of sometimes forgetting the spirit of sailing : the pleasure to be on the sea, playing with the wind, the waves,being one with the nature.

With the Bénéteau shipyard, we wanted to recreate simple boats of which the essence would be the hull, the ballast, the rudder and the sails, with sober fittings.

image de synthèse Pierre Forgia/groupe finot

Folowing this spirit, we created the First 210 , 211 , 260, and now the First 27.7.

length 8,30 m
width 3,10 m
draft 0,62/2,15 m
displacement 2500 kg
sail area 50 m²
main sail 28 m²
genoa 22 m²
spi 50 à 60 m²
water 50 l
fuel 30 l

Technologies have evolved providing the First 27.7 with increased performance and stability :

through the construction : the use of the "infusion" process for the deck makes it more homogeneous and very clean

through the "mixed" ballast and large draft :
composite fin with a lead bulb

through its very simple optionally modular fittings : the boat is lighter
Best Boatspeeds

These predicted speeds are the output of the the Wolfson Unit VPP software using the basic data of the boat. They are theoretical and comparative and cannot be regarded as contractual.

With the First 27.7, we go back to the essence of a sailing boat..

you can enlarge photos clicking away, all are j.m. Liot's pictures.

Sailing the boat

The hull of the First 27.7 is the heir of the 60 ' we designed for the Vendee Globe (single handled race around the world) :
- shape stability
- large floating length
- high prismatic coefficient (over .59)

With a thin bow, the volumes are studied
- to avoid charging in the waves upwind
- keeping good stability in a fresh breeze

The volumes distribution forward and aft allow a good steering control as well as an easy way in the waves.
The boat is powerful sailing upwind in fresh breeze, easy to control under spinnaker , fast in light winds thanks to her large sail area.

Cockpit, handling

The cockpit is divided into an aft-located, widened helmsman dedicated area, and an area with benches for the crew in front. When aiming at performance, the crew can sit comfortably winward on the corming, the helmsman has a good sighting forwards and easily controls his rudder and the main sail with the sheet track.
Sheet and halyards are grouped in front of the cockpit. The deck is clean and at the bow, a telescopic bowsprit is put on the deck to carry an asymmetrical spinnaker.

The "mixed" ballast

To optimize the performance of the First 27.7, we designed an infused laminate keel fin , with a lead bulb placed 2,10 m below the waterline. Thus the centers of gravity of the ballast and the boat are lowered.

When the boat is sailing, the keel is well secured and blocked, held by a well and 2 before/aft frames. 2 locking axes maintain this assembly in place making ballast and hull as tightly joined as they are on a boat with a standard keel.
Arriving to the harbour or mooring, this ballast is unlocked and raised with a manual or electric hydraulic jack.


Advantage of the mixed laminate/lead ballast : The whole ballast (fin+bulb) is lighter and the center of gravity is lower. Thus, the boat is lighter and has a better stability under sail Compared to a boat with a classic lead ballast, the First 27.7 sees her performance increased by 3 to 5 %.

The inside

A large main cabin with a table and 2 benches.
A double bed at the bow


A galley
A chart table
An aft cabin with a double berth
A lavatory
A large stowage

chart table

The construction

The hull is built out of laminate polyester stiffened by a backing mould with frames and stingers.
Two large frames support the ballast and the mast.
2 bulkheads, in the bow and in the aft, help maintain the shape.
The deck is built out of injected balsa-cored glass-fiber/polyester sandwich.

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