First 31.7: the boat of year 99

First 31.7 in meadows seen of the front (58Ko)
First 31.7 under back seen spinnaker (108 Kb)
The fastness don't have to oblige not having warm water under pressure. But, to keep logic, it is in the fitting's field that the inventory is the most complete. Four automatic Lewmar winches, sufficient and well arranged blocks and clamcleats. It misses only one rigid boom vang! 31.7 is delivered without sail, leaving the choice of the supplier to the buyer, whereas the electronics is installed optional, with a Brooke's pack. It is enough to sheet in and the First accelerates. That's a boat which goes fast, easily: 6.2 knots with 15 knots of wind tacking, 7.2 in abeam reach and 6.6 under spinnaker, running. The regulations are polished up then and it is one delight. 31.7 forgives for the errors of tiller and controls itself easily thanks to the very deep rudders which remains very well-balanced.
It is a boat without fault that sign there Bénéteau and Finot, they even thought to install small slats of teak under the backsides of the pilot.
Extracted from articles  appeared in the magazine Bateaux of October on 1998, and translated by Capucine Finot

Small photo of the deck (31Ko)

F31.7 icone (7 Kb)

F31.7 seen of him(her,it) arriére (38 Kb)



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