First 31.7


With Bénéteau, we wanted to make a boat for classical cruise, useful  in family and for local regattas.
It is a harmonious boat where all the elements were the object of an improvement.

J.M.Finot        P.Conq

Plan of the First 31.7 (22 Kb)
  • Very sharpened keel skeg which betrays the concerns of performances.
  • A mast, implanted on the keel, lengthened by about 40 centimeters to inflate the sail (more than 53 m² of  sail tacking).
  • A fast boat in each point of sail and fine at the tiller.
  • Elected boat of 1999 (by the readers of Bateaux)-article.
  • Selected by the organizers of  the Nippon Cupfranpe.gif (1131 octets).
Reminder on the F 31.7 in meadows (52 Kb)

Characteristics of the boat

Overall length 9.85 M
Hull length 9.50 M
Length W.L. 8.80 M
Beam maximum 3.23 M
Light displacement 3600 kg env.
Draft (small cast iron) 1.45 M
Draft (big cast iron) 1.90 M
Weight of the ballast 1050 kg
Sail area tacking 53.4 M ²
Main sail 24.7 M ²
Genoa (140 %) 28.7 M ²
Spinnaker 70 m ²
Berths 4/6
First 31.7 mooring (77Ko)
F31.7 seen of height (47Ko)

" An elegant shape, served by annexes and successful sail plan "François Chalain.

F31.7 under spinnaker (26 Kb)

Photos resulting from the Bénéteau's brochure

The hull

We resumed the base forms of the Figaro Solo and of the first 310.
The freeboard was increased slightly.
The ballast was completely modified with a more important draft and a generous ballast which gives it a center of gravity more low and less wet surface.

Seen of her(it) caréne of the F31.7 19Ko

This hull is characterized by:

A good stability
A moderate wet surface
A good balance heeling

The qualities of this set encouraged us to keep the hull adding improvements.

Photo of the shrouds brought in (47 Kb)

The rigging

The mast is implanted on the keel.
The shrouds more to the center to allow the passage of the genoa.

These forecasts speeds are get out the software Fast Yacht, starting from the basis datas of the boat. They are theoretical and comparatives and cannot be regarded as contractual.

The deck

The operations all are gathered back to the cockpit.
The cockpit allows to sit comfortably either under cover, or on the deck thanks to the drawing of the cormings.

Photo of the deck of the F31.7 19Ko

The sail was the object of numerous trials in order to obtain the best compromise between an easy use and good performances.

Drawing the inside of the F 31.7 (13444 octets)


Thanks to its freeboard and the size of its roof, the inside is voluminous:
Saloon - navigation table - kitchen - cabins - a great bathroom

The construction

The boat is built in stratified polyester fiberglass with a sandwich deck with longitudinales and transverse ribs strengthened by the partitions.


The Groupe Finot has done a compromise between familial cruise and the race

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