Inside accomodations of the First 31.7

Photo of the crew cabin (151Ko) The saloon, spacious and luxurious, pleasant to live at day as much as at night thanks to the various portholes and to the numerous integrated lamps.

Photo of the room(chamber) before (42 Kb) Photo of the post of navigation (51 Kb)
The foreward cabin with a double bed in V, a closet and big shelves on each side. A navigation post in the direction of the progress with a great panel on hinge for the electronics.

Photo of the kitchen (61Ko) A magnificent kitchen in L with numerous accessories in series, as a stove, a grill, the warm and cold water under pressure, a refrigerator 12V. With, naturally numerous cupboards and arrangements for the tools and the crockery.
Photo of the room of bath (20Ko) A comfortable shower-room which has a shower head with warm water and water cold, a washbasin, numerous arrangements as well as a maritime wc and a oilskin closet.

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