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First Class 8

Conceived by the Groupe Finot and Jacques Fauroux
Built by Bénéteau


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The most active and the most spread small monotype on our coasts for more than ten years

Article seemed in Veils(sails,voiles) and sailboats (43Ko)
Extracts from Voiles et voiliers  of December, 1996

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In 1970, I was in charge of the rating IOR.  I represented, during a little while, France beside the ORC (Offshore Rating Council), international organizer for the offshore races. In this time the ORC administered the problems of offshore safety and the rating IOR .
At present, this body administers besides the rating IMS. At the end of 1970, it seemed to us that the rating IOR reached a limit:
the boats became more and more complicated, expensive, and nevertheless neither more maritime nor more effective.
I wished to develop monotypes. I was associated with J. Fauroux and Bénéteau to develop a new French monotype in the category of 8 metres. The boat had a good success at once because from the first year we sold more boats than it had been built of quarter ton cup since the origin.
At first, we wanted to make a complete boat which can race but also which can take the family for outings, as a day-boat.
This compromise has advantages: not giving an image of speed racing boat difficulty useful  in family. But the operations   in crew is sometimes a little more complicated and less practical because of the benches of cockpit.
The boat had a continuous and regular development during more than twelve years, near 1000 boats were built.

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Jean Marie Finot


Overall lengths: 8.50 m Class 8 in the planing (46 Kb)

Photo of the magazine Boats of September, 1995

Length hull: 7.85 m
Lenths W.L. 7.10 m
Beam maximum: 2.49 m
Draft: 0.70 m / 1.75 m
Light displacement: 1400 kg
Ballast : 515 kg
Berths : 4 personnes

Sail area:

Main sail: 20.30 M ² Edge of meadows during a Class's 8 15Ko regatta
Light genoa: 18.50 M ²
Spinnaker: 49.00 M ²


It was conceived in order to be:

- Easily transportable, less than 2.50 m of width
- Stable to wear a lot of sails
- Speed, it has a very long flotting waterline .


It also has a great prismatic coefficient.

Photo of her(it) caréne and of the ballast (50 Kb)


The ballast is a raisable keel which comes to fit in a centreboard box in the boat.
We resumed the principle that we had invented for first 22.

This keel is held by an axis, two bearings on each side and a jack.

A 7/8 th rigging with two runners.
The relatively moderate foresail and the great Main sail allows a better adaptation of the sails to the variations of the wind.
The inside is sober:

-A small kitchen
-A small table
-4 berths

Photo of the inside of the Class 8 18Ko


Drawing the saffron relevable of Class 8 35Ko The rudder is raisable. The boat is carried by the hull and by the beam at stern. The beam, at first in aluminum, was fabricated then in laminate.

Photo of the rudder (40 Kb)

Return of the driss in the cockpit (40Ko)

In the cockpit all the operations return.

Drawing resulting from Die Yacht (in March, 1983)

Photos resulting from the brochure Bénéteau



This First Class 8, what an old devil, always so dashing, 15 years after the launch!


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