OCEANIS Clipper 331


In the range of the comfortable boats of cruise of 10 m,  the Groupe Finot conceived, with the Oceanis Clipper 331 a cruising sailboat  which allies comfort and performance:
  • Safety,
  • Solidity,
  • Speed,
  • pleasure of living aboard.

This boat is the continuance of the work on the Océanis Clipper 321 (franpe.gif (1131 octets))  with a fast, solid and very voluminous hull with a simple rigging and a effective deck layout.

A version with keel (draft:1,64 m), a drifter version (draft:O, 88/2.10)

331coquextpe. gif (on 6319 octets)

Enlarged image


Hull length 10 m
Length W.L. 9.30 M
Max beam 3.42 M
Draft (with keel ) 1.64 M
Draft (drifter) 0.88/2.10 M
Light displacement 4.5 T
Ballast 1.4 T.
Sail area 58 m ²
Main sail 23m ²
Genoa with furling system 35 m ²
Spinnaker 77 m ²

331planpontpe. gif (11259 octets) Enlarged image


Control and progress of the boat

  • The vertical bow, one moderated width, an important ballast and a low center of gravity gives to the Oceanis 331 an intrinsic important speed .

  • The operations available on the cockpit give a good control of the boat and of sails.

  • The weak deformation of the hull gives a good balance heeling. The cockpit resumes the usual ergonomics of our boats: being sit as well in the cockpit as on the gangways. Skirt with opening transom and shower of cockpit.

  • For the good progress of the boat, the draft and the ballast are important.

  • Main sail "semi- Full Batten" with fast taking of reef, lazy - jacks and cover of main sail.
    Genoa 140 % on furling system
    The sheet of main sail on rouf, unobstructed cockpit.
    Rigid boom vang

  • Balgran. gif (86131 octets)
    Photo L.LEBRAS extracted from the magazine Bateaux in September 99



    331plintpe. gif (12155 octets)

    Enlarged image

    • Great internal volume,
    • Kitchen in "L",
    • Great toilet-room,
    • Good height under deck beam.

    2 possible versions as for the Océanis Clipper 321:
           - 2 symmetric cabins at stern
           - One vast aft cabin


    By associating pleasure, comfort and safety, the Oceanis Clipper 331 remain in the spirit of the Groupe Finot: conceive sure, family, practical boats and easy to lead.


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