OCEANIS Clipper 473


With the Bénéteau shipyard,we decided, with Océanis Clipper 473, to create a cruising boat specially for long trip, easy to use everywhere.

The hull of Océanis 473 has the same qualities as those of Océanis 411: stability of shape, stability of progress, balance when heeling.

Two drafts are proposed: 1m70 and 2m10. 2,10m give qualities of progress better to all the points of sail.

The sail workings return in the cockpit. It makes the operation and the control of the boat very easy.

Length overall 14.30 M
Hull length 14.16 M
Flotation length 13.35 M
Max beam 4.33 M
Draft ( 1 ) 1.70 M
Ballast ( 1 ) 3 700 kg
Draft ( 2 ) 2.10 M
Ballast ( 2 ) 3 300 kg
Displacement about 11 500 kg
Sail surface 108 m ²
Main sail 43 m ²
Genoa 65 m ²
Spinnaker 150 m ²

Living aboard

Space, light, ventilation, with many portholes.

The skirt, the great cockpit, the very clear foredeck allow a pleasant life on the deck.
Twin steering station : good visibility for the helmsman.

Inside, except the great saloon, it is possible to choice between 2 , 3 or 4 cabins, according to the style of navigation and of crew.

The great saloon with the cap gives beautiful views of the outside.

A removable table makes he cockpit convivial.





Best boatspeeds (kt)

Gréement Standard
Hélice fixe 19
Gréement performance
Hélice fixe 19"
Gréement performance
Hélice repliable

These forecasts speeds are get out the software Fast Yacht, starting from the basis datas of the boat. They are theoretical and comparatives and cannot be regarded as contractual.


2 double cabins
la banquette peut servir de couchette de mer.
3 double cabins

Dessins André Simon

4 double cabins


photo Gérard Beauvais-Bénéteau

Besides of the safety and of the solidity, we look for the pleasure to live the sea as indeed outside as inside the boat.


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