After the success of the Oceanis 411 and the Oceanis 473, we have specified, with the Bénéteau shipyard, the Oceanis 523, a spacious boat with the ability for varied fittings for a reduced crew as well as for a full crew.
Length overall 16.20 m
Hull length 15.89 m
Maximum beam 4.88 m
Draft 2.30/1.80 m
Light displacement 15 000 kg env.
Sailing area 151 mē
Main sail 70 mē
Genoa 80 mē


The Oceanis 523 is a wide boat with a good hull stability.
The keel is moderately deep.
Two possibilities for the draft : 2;30 m and 1,80 m.
The center of gravity is placed very low.
This gives a stable boat, with a good balance under heel and a good steering control



The generous sail area give good performance even in light air.

The majority of handling operations is brought back to the cockpit.


Deck design

The deck is very clear.

A large aft platform allows to bath, to go up and down to the dinghy easily. The life raft is stored under this bathing platform and can be out easily.

The roof has two levels with panoramic portholes.

The helmsman’s cockpit is well separated, with the genoa manoeuvres at hand.
2 steering wheels.

The main cockpit is wide with a folding table around which the crew can easily sit down to take a meal.
It can be protected by a sprayhood above the companionway and a bimini for the sun.


The Oceanis 523 was entirely designed in 3D CAD, some of its moulds have been CNC milled.
The boat is built out of fibreglass reinforced polyester, stiffened by an inner moulded structure.

Tanks are gathered in the centre of the boat, under the cabin floor in order to concentrate the masses and avoid trim variations.
The engine is under the companionway, its compartment extend aft to provide space for the generator.


Large luminous central saloon.

Bénéteau collection

Fully equipped galley

Classic and microwave oven
Washing machine
Twin electric fridge with front opening
Accessible and efficient storage spaces

The spacious owner cabin has a desk, a large bathroom with a separated shower.

spacious cabins, well-lit, well-ventilated, with dedicated toilet


The well finished wooden furniture are up to the Bénéteau standard.


Technical details

Several interior versions are available :

2 large cabin and 2 bathrooms
3,4 or 5 cabins with dedicated toilets.

3 cabins , 3 toilets
4 cabins , 4toilets
5 cabins , 5 toilets


P .Forgia
The Océanis 523 is the result of our common experience with Bénéteau, a positive collaboration of many years : It revives in a larger boat the sailing qualities, reliability, and comfort that we were able to give to the 411 and the 473.

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