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The QUEENTIME is a boat which was designed for the persons who are used to sail and also who use a motorboat.

  • 12 metres length with a hull issued  of the experience of  Sceta Calberson-Géodis, Christophe AUGUIN's boat, twice winner of single handed around the world races sailing
  • Only 2 spacious and comfortable cabins
  • A pleasant life  inside but also outside,
    1. A cockpit allowing to receive until 12 persons,
    2. An anatomical seat for the pilot, being able to be protected from the sun and from the sea by an owning or a hood
    3. An hydraulic wheel
    4. A back panel with possibility to turn down


  • A cruising speed by the engine from 10 to 12 knots.


Technical characteristics
Length 11,99 m 39 ' 19 " Ft
The length flotation 11,80 m 38 ' 42 " Ft
Width max. 3,93 m 12 ' 53 " Ft
Draft 2 m 6 ' 33 " Ft
Weight 8,5 t 18564 Lbs
Ballast 2,1 t 4586 Lbs
Main sail 44,5 m2 478 Sq. Ft.
Genoa 35 m2 376 Sq. Ft.
Engine 80/110 cv
Possible options
2 cabins and 1 toilet;
2 cabins and 2 toilets;
3 cabins and 1 toilet.



Philosophie du concept


Queentime is the fruit of a study which lasted near three years. A realized inquiry beside several hundreds of sailors  or motorboat people  put in evidence   the common requirements  for the persons who practice these two kinds of activities.

Hull of a length 12 m not looking like a floating hotel. It is preferable to use two great spacious and comfortable cabins.

Permanent comfort inside as outside, allowing long moments aboard, as cruising as mooring , so as to be able to have a little house at the seaside.

Great outside areas cockpit allowing to receive with friendliness a very great number of  guests as is often practised it in the Mediterranean Sea. Bow area  possible to be  transformed into sunarea.

The great ease of use ,very net requirement from people coming from the motorboat racing because they are afraid wrongly that sailing is more difficult to practice that motorboat. For the sailors , the will is noted to possess a very simple boat to handle.

Original requirement the cruising speed in the engine must be of the order of 10 12 knots too much not to punish those that come of the motorboat racing.



Weight: 121 Ko

Hull shape: extrapolation of the "Sceta Calberson", plan FINOT drawn for Christophe AUGUIN who won  Boc Challenge94-95 Vendee Globe 96-97, single handled race around the world..

Ballast: bulb-keel lead, draft of 2 m in Standart version.

Rigging: the height of mast: 14 m. In series Genoa and Main sail on furling system. All the handlings are regrouped in front of the cockpit, on hand of the pilot. The "QUEENTIME" can be led solo.


Roof: equipped with a panoramic window, with four opening portholes  and three panels Goiot.


ENLARGED IMAGE: 89 Ko Bow area: great 2 metres in width comfortable sunarea. Great chest for storage besides the anchoring area.


Cockpit: strong point of the "QUEENTIME", surface of the 12 m2 (3,40 x 3,60) completely free,
Anatomical seat for the pilot
Hydraulic wheel
Aluminum arch with  inox supports,  the main sheet travellerl is settled on this arch and ordered directly by the pilot.
No ropes or obstacles in the cockpit so  a dozen of persons can easily stand.
Possibility to turn down the back panel extends the cockpit close of a metre. This back panel  acts also as a bridge. The back stay is divided into halves allowing to practise any kind of fishing.
In series, awning for sun in the cockpit and hood for pilot  protection are settled on both sides of the arch.
Waterproof chest  for safe, this last one is integrated into the floor of the cockpit.
Great bench on each side, cockpit sink  with shower head warm and  cold water. Great hold on starboard.




Headroom  2,15 m;
Inside finish teak.


Crew cabin : access by a double door 2 80 cms   width ; a 3 wide steps stair g allowing easy movements from the cockpit to the cabin . Footpaths conceived to give the best possible anatomical position. Sit multifunctions. Heightened floor allowing the persons sat to have a panoramic sight on outside through the semicircular window. Permanent contact with  the persons  in the cockpit.

Cook: total length 3 m.; it includes  A double kitchen sink with work plan in CORIAN, cooker with oven inox, refrigerator of 120l., drawers, dish drainers and storage furniture.

ENLARGED IMAGE:61KoENLARGED IMAGE: 61 KoBow cabin : central bed of 2,05 m x 1,60 m., lateral berths, cupboard, low piece of furniture, lit by two opening panels . Option: reserved private toilet .
Aft cabin : headroom 2,15 m. Two persons can stand in the entrance, a cupboard and of a low piece of furniture for storage. Great bed of 2,20 m ,1,70 m.
Very spacious toilet, characteristic of the "QUEENTIME".





Besides of  safety and   solidity, we look for a great elegance, for a pleasure to see the sea as well  inside as  outside.



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We thank M. ARTHAUD from the Newspaper Loisirs Nautiques for allowing us to use these photos.


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