Built in the tradition of the previous open boats :

light, fast,stable, unsinkable, easy to handle, sailing fast with dinghy-like excitement, without any of the capsizing risk

The Open 5.00 is the latest boat born from Phileas.


  image Pierre Forgia

Smaller brother to the Open 5,70, family boat for 3, we wanted a more accessible boat :

- unchanged marine qualities : fun, quick planing easily, trailerable
- virtualy twice lighter : for a crew of two (+ 1 or 2 children)
- rotating keel to leave the boat on the shore and lift it easily on the trailer

- cheaper




  Length 5,00 m  
  Beam 2,24 m  
  Draft 1,58 m  
  Displacement 290 Kg  
  Ballast 95 Kg  


  Main sail 12,70 mē  
  Jib 7,10 mē  
  Asymétric spi 24 mē  
  1 rudder lifting  
  Rotating mast 0,80  



The hull is designed to plane easily.
Hull and deck are built in polyester with an internal stiffening structure.
A rotating roof is located at the foredeck to stow personal gear and find a temporary cover if needed


The sail plan is relatively large .
The mast rotates and is easy to put up with only two people.


The Open 5.00 is fitted with a deep keel weighing 95 kg, for safety.
It rotates to reduce the draft.
If the keel is totally retracted, it is easy to get the boat on the shore.
The bowsprit is retractable and gybing in order to be able to bare further away.


The owners association.

Let us remain in family, the dynamic Open 570 association http://www.open570.org takes care of the little brother.

A fleet is coming in the west of the United States:



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