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0pen 5.70 : 2007 One-Design of the year - Sailing World - congratulations !
"Finally, when all is said and done, the overall simplicity and stability of the 5.70 accommodates a wide range of sailors. The price of $30,000 is definitely not too high to pay for the performance. The Open 5.70 is a fun and easy boat to sail, and showed us awesome(redoutable) speed with complete control" see the article (Chuck Allen)

The Open 5.70 is solid, simple, transportable, unsinkable, hardly capsizable..

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photo F. Gicquiaud

photo jm Finot

photo F. Gicquiaud

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photo Pierrick Contin

photo Pierrick Contin

photo Pierrick Contin

The Open 5,70 is designed for sailing schools, renting, clubs and to be used by young people with a reduced surveillance and, in regatta, by anybody who have passed the age for dinghy acrobatics.

This style of boat, successor of the Star, the Aile or the Soling, is a tradition abroad. In France, until now, keel day-boat sales are limited. In this size, for day race or day ride, the sailors use 5,5 to 6,5 m cruising boats. It is an expensive solution, and slow

Therefore, re-using our modern boats experience, especially the Open 7,50, our purpose was to design a boat physically and financially accessible. We implemented the technical solutions tested on the modern boats which do not increase too much the price to create a fast, alive boat. .



  Length 5,70 m  
  Width 2,55 m  
  Draft 0,34/1,40 /1,75 m  
  Displacement 450 Kg  
  Ballast 180 Kg  


  Main sail 18 m²  
  Génoa 8 m²  
  Spi 32 m²  



The hull.

The boat has the longest possible floating waterline : 5,70 m. The waterline remains narrow to decrease the wet area but width of the boat is at the maximum of the road size (2,55m). The stability of shape, stability of weight give a stable boat which can carry large sail areas with good performance both upwind and downwind.

The ballast.

It consists of a glass injected fin (30 kg) and a lead bulb of 150 kg with two settings for a draft of 1,75 m or 1,45 m. It gives a very low center of gravity. .

The sail plan.

With a high aspect ratio, it consists of a small jib and a large mainsail controlled by a main track. The pivoting wingmast is held by a forestay and a 2 shrouds aft. . The tension of the rigging is set by a bolt jack placed under the mast. The stability of the mast is completed by a "losange" pressing on 2 small spreaders which turn with the mast. The asymmetric spinnaker is held by an telescopic boomsprit.

The appendage.

The control of the boat is ensured by two retractable rudders. The 1,75m keel can be blocked at 1,40m for the shallower waters .

The deck.

The large cockpit gives a lot of space for handling and allows to optimize the weight placement.

The construction.

The boat is built out of glass fiber reinforced polyester with a large affixed longitudinal structure which makes the connection between the deck and the hull. The deck is made of a 15mm PVC foam core sandwich.

Société Philéas, ZA de Soumard, 17450 Fouras, France
Tel 33(0)5 46 84 49 78 fax 33(0)5 46 84 49 80

owners association :
Even on the westside of USA, Open 570 and open 500 are sailing :


articles parus sur le 5,70 open

Voile Magazine, février 2002, 7 pages , texte : Bernard Rubinstein, photos : JM Liot
Voiles et voiliers, février 2002, 4 pages, texte: Philippe Guégan, photos de l'auteur et Bernard Henry
Bateaux, avril 2002, 2 pages, texte et photos Rémi Tristan

1 rue Hubert Pennevert
ZI les soeurs Est
17300 Rochefort, France
Tel 33(0)5 46 84 49 78
fax 33(0)5 46 84 49 80
1, rue Pierre Vaudenay
78350 Jouy-en-josas, France
Tel: 33 (0)1 39 46 20 02
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