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Pogo 10.50 is an offshore-going boat,
able to find shelter in any cove. Designed with simplicity in mind, it is fast and doesn't heel much. It can accomodate a family or a gang of friends. The hull is very wide and stable, with a deep lifting keel. The twin rudders keep control in all conditions.
The balance of the boat is retained under heel, allowing large sails to be carried. Stability and sail area grant high speed in all conditions.
All the lines are led back to the large cockpit. A stowage aft is dedicated to the liferaft.

The inside arrangement has been designed in collaboration with Patrick Roseo : a cabin, a bathroom, a large saloon and a forepeak, with a simple decoration.
The boat structure doubles as part of the inside fittings. The build quality and the simplicity of the interior give a light boat with a very low gravity center, paramount to speed and balance.

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  Length 10,50 m  
  Beam 3,90 m  
  Draft 1,05/2,80 m  
  Displacement 3600 Kg  
  Main sail  37 m²  
  Genoa 34 m²  
  Staysail 19 m²  
  Gennaker maxi 73 m²  
  Spi maxi 100 m²  

The Structures shipyard's dedication to build quality guarantees the security and reliability demanded by offshore sailing. A first boat is currently being fitted with its deck gear, and the preliminary sea trials are expected to take place at the end of this winter.



Best Boatspeeds

These predicted speeds are the output of a software using the basic data of the boat. They are theoretical and comparative and cannot be regarded as contractual.



Voiles magazine Janvier 2010 - Un pogo révolutionnaire. C'est déjà demain - B. Rubinstein, FX de Crécy


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