Finot-Conq Mini - Transat 6.50 boats


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The most prestigious of the transatlantic races : the Mini-transat.
Madman's boats for a drunkenness of solitude, of efforts and of seas.

These boats are intended for the open sea in spite of their little size and they are really incredible:
- surfing at 18 knots under automatic pilot
- 10.3 knots of average on the Fastnet-Sud Bretagne's race.

Impressive ratios sails / displacement and weight / power. These boats participated greatly in the development of the 60 feet open and allowed small-scale to innovate, to test, and to bring about some change in the architectural balances.

Today very sophisticated, these high-powered boats require always more preparation, efforts and researches. The rating rule, much more restrictive these last years, (framework: length - largeur-hauteur) and the banning of carbon in the masts, a little there limited the architectural evolution, but much is still left to do.


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